Donations & AHS Visitors

Animal House takes in many special needs animals.  We take care of any ailment or surgery that needs to be done on any animal we rescue including, but not limited to: heart worm treatments, cruciate ligament repair, patella surgery, FHO, heart surgery, diabetes, anxiety disorders, auto immune deficiencies, liver shunts etc.  On average, AHS takes in at least one animal per week that has one of the above ailments or needs surgery.  We do not believe that any animal should be left to be euthanized at a high kill facility because they are sick or injured.  Society has already failed them at one point in time and someone needs to speak up and rescue those that are defenseless and without a voice.  That is who we are are and that is what Animal House Shelter has always been about.  These ailments & surgeries are extremely expensive and we need the communities help to not leave these poor souls to be discarded with no one to care for them.

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Click on this link to go to Amazon Directly to order items urgently needed at Animal House Shelter:

Any items with two stars (**) and in Bold are what we are in desperate need of at the moment. We do not need any more newspaper but always appreciate shredded paper for puppy playpens

Items needed to care for our dogs, cats, puppies and kittens:

Food Items:

  • Canned Cat Food – Pate Preferred**
  • Purina Kitten Chow
  • Canned Dog or Puppy Food – Any Variety**
  • Eukanuba Puppy Food**
  • Cans of Tuna Fish
  • Cans of Chicken Chunks**
  • Baby Food – Meat Flavors Only! – without onion powder!
  • KMR (milk for kittens)**
  • Esbilac (milk for puppies)**
  • Cottage Cheese**

Care and Wellness::

  • PUPPY PLAYPENS!-click to go directly to store to purchase**
    • Litter Box Deodorizers
  • Bedding items: towels, comforters, blankets, bath mats, sheets**
  • Collars/Harnesses/Leashes – all sizes
  • Cat/Dog Toys (any stuffed animals, tennis balls, squeaky toys, ropes, cat toys)
  • Bones (rawhides, nylabones, dentabones, etc.
  • Frontline Plus-all sizes**
  • Heartgard-all sizes**
  • Revolution for dogs and/or cats**
  • Prescription A/D or Royal Canin Recovery R/S – (available at vet clinics)**
  • Prescription Canine I/D  – (available at vet clinics)

Cleaning Supplies/Shelter Care

  • Unger 22 inch Sanitary Floor Squeegees from Lab Safety Supplies (LSS.COM)-click to go directly to store to purchase
  • Dawn dish soap
  • Bleach***
  • Clorox Clean Up
  • Clorox wipes
  • Paper towels**
  • Air fresheners / deodorizers
  • Toilet Paper
  • Garbage Bags (55 gallon if possible)
  • Garden Hoses (50 ft or longer if possible)
  • Garbage Bags/Plastic grocery bags (for outside clean-up!)
  • Pet Safe Ice Melt!
  • Watering Cans

Medical Supplies:

  • Fish Oil Pills for dogs
  • Dixie Cups -2-3 oz cups (to dispense medicine)
  • L-Lysine Powder
  • Anti-Fungal Cream (Generic or Lamisil)
  • Clippers and blades**
  • Nebulizer**
  • Digital Food or Baby Scales**
  • Can Openers

Office Supplies:

  • Toner cartridges –Brother TN-420 or TN-450 at Best Buy, Office Max, Staples or Office Depot**
  • Toner Cartridges Lemark T630, T632, T634
  • Copy Paper**

Volunteer Services Needed:

  • Printing
  • Advertising
  • I/T help
  • Volunteers
  • Foster homes
  • Vet to donate time to do wellness exams and/or low cost spays/neuters and veterinary care.
  • Vet practice to build on new property with us.


Click on above list  for Printable AHS Wish List

Kuranda Dog Beds:

You can donate the beds straight from the Kuranda website to the animals at Animal House-we really need these for the New Facility

We use Patented Kuranda Dog Beds because they are durable, chew proof and easy to clean. If you would like to donate a bed to us,click here.


Animal House is non-profit, so we rely heavily on private donations for our animals. We greatly appreciate any donation no matter how big or small. Please see our Wish List page for specific items we are currently in need of.

We accept any of the following items listed above. We accept all types of animal items, but we try to keep our animals on the same types of food so they don’t get sick from switching. We will accept other types as back up.

BIRTHDAYS/WEDDING GIFTS: Many people donate in lieu of flowers, wedding gifts, or birthday presents.  You can donate to Animal House Shelter, Inc for any of the above by clicking on any ‘Donate Now’ button throughout the website or by sending a check in the mail.  Just make a note as to who you would like to receive notification that a gift (donation) has been made in honor of their wedding/ birthday/anniversary/graduation or as a christmas present ect. and we will send them a note in the mail right away!  It is a great way to make everyone feel good and help the dogs and cats that truly need it at the same time!  Please call the shelter if you have any questions.





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Animal House Shelter is now accepting vehicle donations through the Cars program! You can now donate your vehicle (which is tax deductible for you) and avoid the hassle of selling it and Animal House Shelter will receive the money when your vehicle is sold! What an awesome deal! Help animals and get rid of old junk! Click on the car below for more information!




Whether you are a first time pet owner or have had fur babies all your life we all have one thing in common. We love our pets and want to do everything we can to keep them healthy and happy! Now you can get the latest news and tips on pet health delivered right to your doorstep and you can help the dogs and cats of AHS doing it! Click on the link above to order your subscription of Animal Wellness Magazine and enter the promo code shown above and AHS will receive 40% of your subscription fee!



You can find whatever you’re looking for on eBay – from baseball cards to new cars and more. When you do, shop for items that benefit us. You can get a great deal and support homeless pets at the same time!

Shop now to support Animal House Shelter!

You can also support Animal House when you sell on eBay. Just designate our organization to receive 10-100% of your final sale price the next time you list something great.

Did you know that charity listings often get more bids and higher prices than regular eBay listings? Boost your sales and support our critical work while you’re at it! Plus eBay gives back to you too, with a fee credit on your basic selling fees.

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Donations & AHS Visitors

Thank you Niki Curatti for sharing your birthday with the pets at Animal House Shelter! Collecting donations instead of receiving gifts was a wonderful thing to do and all of the cats and dogs of Animal House Shelter can't thank you enough!


Maya and Ethan Swick just celebrated their birthdays and instead of asking for gifts for themselves, they asked their guests to bring donations for Animal House Shelter. Thank you to Maya and Ethan from all the dogs and cats at Animal House Shelter! That was very thoughtful and generous!


Lake in the Hills Elementary School visited AHS on 5/8/12. Thank you for all the interesting questions as well as the wonderful donations to our shelter animals.

Lake In The Hills Elementary Students visited AHS on Wednesday, May 9th. Thank you for the visit and donations to AHS!


Thanks to Brownie Troop #81 of Huntley for their wonderful donations. They had so much fun visiting with our shelter animals that they are excited to collect more donations for the shelter!!! Thanks so much!


Sun City Residents Raise Money For Their Favorite Charity – Animal House Shelter

During the past seven months, Sun City’s Neighborhood 32B residents, Nick and Joanie Koplos, have opened their “door” to the animals at Huntley’s Animal House Shelter.  Three parties with fundraising events have gained a total of $600 for the local shelter.  Here are brief summaries of how each party was able to have fun and still benefit Animal House Shelter!

Nick Koplos’ 75th Birthday Party, given by his wife, Joanie, was attended by 50 family members and friends on Sunday, August 14. Located at the Koplos’ home, it was also truly “A Night For The Animals.” In lieu of presents, the couple had donated 100 prizes that were available to the guests through purchase of raffle tickets at $5 each. As a result of the generosity of their guests and others not in attendance, $600 will be donated to local, as well as national, animal charities to help all “creatures great and small” under these difficult economic circumstances. Animal House Shelter was a beneficiary of this wonderful fundraiser! Thank you!

Nick & the Koplos’s cat “Cleo”

Sun City Stingrays Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Forty Stingrays and their Sweeties attended the annual celebration of Valentine’s Day at the house of Nick and Joanie Koplos on Saturday, February 11.  Appetizers and desserts were contributed by those in attendance.  After viewing DVDs of past club activities, the highlight of the afternoon proved to be the Stings’ two auctions:  a “silent” auction with white elephant gifts donated by club members, and a second auction of “services” provided unselfishly by many Stings as well.  A contribution was made to the Animal House Shelter in Huntley.  Thank you to the Stingrays from all of us here at Animal House Shelter!

Sun City "Stingrays"

The Koplos’ 4th Annual Sun City Neighborhood 32B Holiday Party

Nick and Joanie Koplos hosted their fourth Neighborhood 32B holiday party on New Year’s Eve, 2011.  The party was held to benefit Huntley’s Animal House Shelter.  The purchase of $5 raffle tickets helped disperse “white elephant” grab bag gifts donated by the party participants.  Guests also shared delicious appetizers and desserts with one another.  “Name That 50′s/60′s Tune and Singing Artist” game added to the evening festivities. Thank you to the Kopos’ s and Sun City Neighborhood 32B. We appreciate your generosity.


A special thanks to Brownie Troop 78 of Algonquin. They donated a big portion of their cookie sales to AHS. Thanks for working for the benefit of the dogs and cats of AHS.


Brownie Troop 10321 of Fox River Grove enjoyed visiting with our Shelter Dogs and Cats on Monday, 4/13! Thanks for the donations from your troop!

Thank you to Brownie Troop 340 of Algonquin for the generous donations!

Thank you to Brownie Troop #580 of Pingree Grove for their visit and generous donation to AHS. The troop enjoyed visiting with Pugsly & Wookie as well as the cats in our cat room. They took a special liking to Sammie!!! Thanks to everyone!



Thanks to Daisy Troop #1045 of Hampshire for their very generous donations to Animal House Shelter from the proceeds of their cookie sales. Way to go girls!!!


On 4/12/12, another group from the Marlowe Middle School Service Club visited AHS and enjoyed meeting Rudy & Pugsly outside in our yard. Our shelter dogs enjoyed visiting with this group! We finished the tour with a visit to our free roam cat room! Thanks for the wonderful visit.


On 4/11/12, a group from the Marlowe Middle School Service Club visit AHS. They loved visiting the dogs and cats of AHS!!!


Jacobs High School French Club Historian & Moderator Serena Doescher & the French Club visited & volunteered on March 24, 2012. They brought donations of blankets and many other items from our AHS Wish List. Thanks to all!


Cub Scout Pack 198-Den 2 of Bartlett collected donations from our wish list under the direction of volunteer Kellie Biggott of Bartlett. Thank you so much.


At the Villiage of Pingree Grove Egg Hunt on 4/7, AHS met up with Emerson Tait - Age 7 of Pingree Grove Cambridge Lakes. Emerson visited with one of our shelter dogs "Gretel" when she told us that she had collected donations for AHS for her 7th Birthday instead of asking her guests for gifts. We were very impressed with Emerson's generosity. Thank you!

Also a big thank you goes our to the participants of the Village of Pingree Grove’s Egg Hunt. They collected donations for AHS at their event. The cats and dogs of AHS thank you for all the great donations!!!


Troop 1057 from Huntley Legee School visited AHS in April. Thanks for all the donations. Brady enjoyed visiting with the troop!


AHS Volunteers & Staff visited The Springs Rehab in Crystal Lake in March. Volunteer Alice Hallett shows of one of our shelter dogs "Darling" who was adopted in March. Darling brought a lot of joy to the residents of The Springs! Thanks for the great welcome!


The Schmidt Family (Pet & Jen-Parents) Triplets – Will, Emma & Charlie collected donations for Animal House Shelter in lieu of gifts for themselves for their 8th Birthday. Thanks to all for such generosity!!!


Mia Seaton created a flyer and held a donation drive in her neighborhood and collected donations for all the dogs and cats at AHS. We are very impressed with your hard work Mia! Thank you from all the animals at AHS!

Thank you to Abbey & Diane Larson who brought donations from Daisy Troop 1060. They used their cookie money to purchase needs for all the dogs and cats. Thanks girls!


Thank you to Daisy Troop 1060 for their generous donations from their cookie sales!


Thank you to Deer Path Elementary for the wonderful posters and very generous donations!


Daisy Troop 332 of Barrington from Countryside Elementary visited AHS and brought many donations. Thanks to Troop 332!


Sophia Testa & her brother Maxwell (not pictured) of Sts. Peter & Paul School of Cary asked for donations to AHS from her birthday guests. She delivered them while visiting with Troop 513 of Cary. Thanks Sophia & Maxwell for your generosity!


Lisa Christianson from the Barrington Student Council at Arnett C. Lines Eleaur school held a donation drive for Animal House Shelter. Thank you!


Daisy Troop 1044 of Huntley visits with the dogs and cats of Animal House Shelter!


Troop 513 - Sts. Peter & Paul of Cary visited AHS bringing generous donations to the dogs and cats of our shelter!


Brownie Troop 001 of Algonquin, IL visits with Echo and also poses with the donations that they brought to AHS.


William Resnick was asked what he wanted for his 7th birthday, his response was simple ~ "Id like all my friends to help collect donations for the local shelter to help animals who don't have their forever home yet". That's just what he did, William collected lots and lots of donations for all the dogs and cats here at AHS. We are so impressed with this young man! Happy Birthday William, we had a great time with you and all the dogs and cats at AHS thank you for all your hard work!

Lillie Simons collected gifts for all the dogs and cats at AHS for her 10th Birthday. Thanks Lillie! All the dogs and cats will enjoy your donations!

Girl Scout Troop #1251 from Algonquin Lakes Elementary School visited AHS on 3/10/12 and brought donations to the shelter. Thanks girls, we enjoyed your visit!


Thank you Quilts for Canines & Cats for their continued generosity.


Daisy Girl Scout Troop #1098 visited AHS on 3/9/12 and brought donations for the shelter. We enjoyed your visit and all the things you brought are truly needed!


Thank you for the generous donations to Daisy & Brownie Scout Troop #216. We appreciate your generosity!


Thank you to the parents and students of Sonshine Christian Preschool in Dundee under the direction of Cheryl Kleiner for their very generous annual donations to Animal House Shelter! We appreciate your continued support!


Thank you to the Nature Girls Club from Bartlett for the wonderful donations that they brought to Animal House Shelter on 2/29/12.


Hannah Fragassi collected donations for Animal House Shelter for her 10th birthday. Thank you Hannah! The dogs and cats at AHS appreciate your gifts!

Thank you to Sydney Blake who requested pet supplies in lieu of presents for her 10th birthday. Thanks Sydney, the dogs and cats at Animal House Shelter appreciate your thoughtful donations! Happy Birthday Sydney!

Thank you to Carol Birosak and the Sun City Quilting Group for pillows made and donated to AHS. The group gathered fabric and stuffing from area drapery shops including Judy's Quilt in Hampshire!


Thank you to the Indian Princesses, Algonquin tribe from Cary/Fox River Grove for their very generous monetary donation as well as the time they spent volunteering by walking dogs and socializing with the cats!


Huntley Junior Troop #1547 - Thank you for your 1/16/12 visit to AHS!


Thank you to the volunteer group from Syclo LLC for all the hard work that they donated to AHS. Your time and talents are most appreciated!

Thank you to all at The Dog Waggin’ for their wonderful donation drive for AHS. We appreciate all the donations including a large cash donation for AHS!!!


Ms. Sara DeMartino and students from HD Jacobs High School of Algonquin visit with one of our AHS dogs when visiting to volunteer on 1/11/12.


Thank you to 3rd Grade Brownie Troop 621 - Dundee Highlands for their generous donations to our shelter.


Thank you to Daisy Girl Scout Troop 764 in Cary for their generous donations to Animal House Shelter!


Livia LaMarca collected donations for Animal House Shelter for her 9th birthday in lieu of personal gifts. Thank you Livia! The dogs and cats of AHS appreciate your gifts. Happy Birthday!

Thank you to Chloe & Caitlyn Alejandre who went “Merry Christmas Shopping” for our shelter animals. They purchased over 30 cases of wet food and various pet products for our homeless animals! Great job!


Special thanks to F.Y.D.O.LAND and their clients for their very generous truckload of donations for the animals at AHS. Pictured is Robin Massey – Leader of the Pack – F.Y.D.O.LAND and Richard Zelek, CFO of F.Y.D.O.LAND.


Thank you to Michael Louderman & Christen Eustice for the generous donations gathered from the Animal House Angels in collaboration with Family, Friends & Co-workers!


Thank you to Judy Tracy of Hoof to Woof Pet Services, LLC, for their generous collection of donations for AHS. – 815.355.5254 – Pet Sitting serving Crystal Lake, IL and the surrounding areas!


Special Thank You to Huntley National Honor Society for their assistance with this event!

Thank you to Exceed Flooring for their generous donation of carpeting for the dogs and cats of Animal House Shelter!


Thank you to all the 1st Graders of Quest Academy for making these beautiful blankets for the dogs and cats of AHS. As you can see, they are enjoying them already.


Thank you Deer Path School-Cary-Daisy Troop #664 for your visit and donations to AHS.


Thank you to Pam, the staff & residents of The Springs at Crystal Lake for the donations that they brought on their visit to AHS! We really enjoyed this wonderful group! Thanks for visiting AHS!


Thank you to the Timber Trails Hikers 4 H Club for the donations that they brought for our shelter when they visited on 11/21/11.


Thank you Crystal Lake Park District Girls Club Group of Home schooled Juliette Girls Scouts for their visit to AHS on 11/17/11. They brought many donations for our homeless animals. Thank you!


Thank you to the Little Angels for their visit to AHS of 11/16/11. We all had a wonderful time in the cat room and visiting with the dogs. The Little Angels brought many donations as well as a special contribution to Roxy’s Medical Fund. Thank you to all for a very enjoyable visit!_____________________________________________________________________

Thank you to Girl Scout Troops 22, 1203 & 1025 under the direction of Thea Morris. They made dog blankets for AHS cats & dogs. They also brought donations from our wish list.


Thank you to the Huntley Seniors! The group collected many donations from our wish list as well as cash donations totaling $188.00. Pictured is Al Jordi - Huntley Seniors President, Suezette Gardner - AHS Volunteer and Phoebe.


Thank you to Kriser's of So. Barrington for collecting $225.36 for Roxy's medical fund! Pictured are Siobhan Malloy, Nick Steinke & Shilah the poodle! Thank you to our new partners Four Legs Pets!





Thank you to Comfort for Critters for the homemade blankets for our animals! Comfort for Critters:  Handcraftet blankets to comfort animals living in shelters. Yarn donations of any quantity accepted. New crafters always welcome. We also provide free yarn to senior living centers for use in making these blankets. Please see website for a list of centers which participate in this program.


Thank you to for hosting Paws on Parade to benefit Animal House Shelter on 8/13!








D112-150 Target Intern Volunteer Event


Target Volunteers - Helping in the Cat Room


Thank you to the Algonquin Target Team D112/D150 Intern volunteers for helping at Animal House Shelter. Quote the group: "It was a great day...somewhat messy, but mostly rewarding!!!" Thank you for making a difference to the animals of our shelter!





Thank You to Gary at Tyler Press for copy services to the shelter! 11917 Smith Dr., Huntley, IL 60142




Thank You Pat Dorgan Photo!




Thank you to Pat Dorgan Photography, Inc. for creating the “Irresistible” Pet Calendar. Initial proceeds of $370 have been donated to the shelter. Anyone interested in purchasing a copy of this beautiful calendar (featuring many AHS alums) can do so by picking up one from the shelter and making a free will donation for the calendar. Supplies limited! All proceeds benefit Animal House Shelter!  Thank you so much Pat Dorgan!

“Irresistible” Calendar UPDATE:  Final total collected by Pat Dorgan Photography for the benefit of Animal House Shelter is $1529.00. Thank you so much Pat!! You are wonderful!!!

Back page of "Irresistible" Calendar by Pat Dorgan


Thank you to Kosta’s-Algonquin & all of our supporters.

$355.00 was donated for the night (7/20) through fundraising coupons and our donation boxes.

Thank you to Kosta’s and all of our supporters

for making the evening a huge success!!!

Visit them at


This Eagle Scout Project consisted of constructing these structures for the cat room. Thank you to all the Scouts working on this project which is a welcome addition to our free roam cat room.


Brooklyn, age 7, asked for donations to Animal House Shelter in lieu of gifts for her birthday this year.  Thank you Brooklyn!





Thank you to Kountry Pet Resort, and their clients for their generous donations from their Spring Cleaning Drive. They delivered a van loaded with donations to our shelter.

Walter-the Yellow Lab/American Bulldog pictured here was adopted from AHS in 2007 and enjoyed having his picture taken with his brother Briggs at the Kountry Pet Resort's Easter Bunny Photo Event benefiting AHS.

Kountry Pet Resorts also held an Easter Photo Session and donated all sitting fees to Animal House Shelter in the amount of $250. Thank you to Stephanie Essex and all at Kountry Pet Resorts for their continued support of Animal House Shelter.

7/26/11…Kountry Pet Resorts has graciously offered grooming services for the upcoming weeks to some of our deserving pooches in need of professional grooming. Everyone feels good after a nice haircut. Now some of our adoptable dogs will have that same wonderful feeling! Thank you Kountry Pet Resort!!!





Bow Wow Divas chose to support Animal House Shelter as their Charity Partner for the month of June!  They held a raffle with some fabulous prizes.  Congratulations to the winners and to all of those who showed their support!  Thank you Bow Wow Divas! is an e-tailer of dog clothing, dog collars and dog jewelry.  They are a unique online store and design studio where all of the latest and hottest in pup fashion is not only sold but created.  Vist their website


Teeny’s Friends:  In the month of April Teeny’s Friends raised 67 dogs toys for Animal House Shelter. Teeny’s Friends provides toys for needy dogs! Their goal is to make sure that no dog ever has to go without the simple pleasure of chasing a ball or snuggling a plushie. Their mission was inspired by Teeny, a rescue dog & our mascot. They raise toys through monthly toy drives & the sale of One For One toy (when you buy one, they donate one). The toys they raise are then donated to rescue groups, animal shelters, and families in low income neighborhoods. A big “thank you” to Teeny and all of you who helped make our pups extremely happy!


The Chandler Family supporting Animal House Shelter


Thank you Chandler Family for holding a lemonade stand to help raise funds for our animals!


Connor Black donated gifts for his 9th Birthday!  Thank you Connor, friends & family!!!


Olivia just turned 7 and instead of receiving birthday presents, she asked her friends
to bring donations for Animal House Shelter.  The picture shows how gracious her friends were.
She really wanted to help all the animals.  The bags contain can dog and cat food as well as treats for the animals. Olivia loved donating theses items and hopes to help out at the shelter when she gets to be old enough. Thanks Olivia for all your donations! The cats and dogs loved the treats!!

Great day for a lemonade stand to help raise money for Animal House Shelter. Jamie(farthest right) and her friends, from left…Naomi,Kai, Logan, Haley, and Ethan had a great time. They raised $46.63 for their furry friends


Kelli Kampert and Reilly Cassata hosted a cupcake sale benefiting Animal House Shelter. Through their cupcake sale they were able to raise $41.30 for AHS. Thank you very much girls for all your help. The animals and staff are very appreciative of all your work!

Raizel Andaya donated her 7th birthday gifts to the Animal Shelter.  Instead of birthday gifts for her 7th birthday, Raizel requested donation items for the Animal Shelter


All 3 girls sent out the invitations for their birthday asking for donations to AHS instead of the presents. From the left is Kasey Reigner Samantha Berggren and Shayla Sarros. Along with our crazy Auggie, adopted from AHS, who loves to hang upside down. LOL!


Thank you so much Troop #174 for your donations to AHS!


Thank you so much Troop #662 for your donations to AHS!


Thank you to Troop 299 – 3rd Grader at Legee Elementary in Huntley for their generous monetary donation to Animal House Shelter!


On April 23 and 24th Frugal Dougal hosted a Twitter “Pawpawty” to benefit Animal House Shelter and has raised over $1,000 for us in that short time period. The PawPawty was called “The Royal Wedding Party” and featured quizzes with prizes, a bartender, good eats and even a DJ all on Twitter!.  This was an incredibly fun event where we met lots of new “Anipals” and animal shelter supporters.  Frugal Dougal has raised over $51,000 for animal charities all over the world.  You can visit their website to participate in future pawpawty’s and also follow them on Twitter @frugaldougal.

Animal House Shelter will use the $1,000 + to pay medical bills on the dogs and cats coming in everyday.  Thank you so much Frugal Dougal!


Thank you for all the donations to Animal House Shelter! 3rd & 4th Grade Student Council – Three Oaks Elementary in Cary. Moderator is Kathy Battcher

Thank you to Huntley High School for holding a volleyball fundraiser to benefit our animals!

Thank you to Juliana Engel’s Sunday School class (5th & 6th graders) of the United Temple Church in Oak Park, IL for collecting items for the AHS fundraiser recently held at Douglas Street Sports Bar organized by Marcia Engel & Paula Griesman. The class donated, food, treats, blankets and dog bowls. In addition they contributed $130.00 in cash and gift cards.  The class made posters that were displayed at the fundraiser. Thanks to all for their generous gifts and donations to AHS.

THANK YOU BROWNIES!!!!1/27/11 – Brownie Troop #876/Pingree Grove – Lisa Laterza, Troop Leader.

A few of the girls brought cash donations from their piggy banks and the troop brought donations for the cats and dogs.

THANK YOU SO MUCH Douglas Street Sports Pub in Downtown Elgin who sponsored an event Friday, January 21st for Animal House Shelter!!  Also, a HUGE thank you to Marcia Engel & Paula Griesman who put together the event and Single Concept Adventure Club for sponsoring the event!  It was a huge success and so much fun raising donations for the dogs & cats at AHS!

THANK YOU Lindsey Urry  and 30 kids from Robert Frost Junior High for all the donations you brought the dogs and cats at AHS!!


In lieu of gifts on her 9th birthday, Lillie Simons (far left), asked her friends to donate to Animal House Shelter.  She brought in $183 and 3 large hefty bags full of items on the shelter’s wish list.  Animal House is so special to Lillie and her family because that is where they adopted their dog, Jackson last year!

pictured from left to right: Lillie Simons, the birthday girl – Kathryn Kopija, holding MiMi  -  Maggie Simons, holding Jackson    -    Ava SimonsLillie, Maggie, and Ava also donated money that they received while Christmas caroling!



Thank you to Pat Wicherek & Michelle McKinsey, customers and personal friends of Mr. A’s for their donations to the dogs & cats at Animal House this holiday season!

Here are a few photos from the first phase (pet care supply drive) of John DiCristofano’s Eagle Scout Service project. The scouts sorted and counted everything at our house on November 13, and the supplies were delivered on November 14. The drive was promoted through St. Raymond Church, St. Raymond School, and the St. Raymond Religious Education Program.

Thanks to the staff and the St. Raymond parish community for their generous support of our pet care supply drive for Animal House Shelter!

Lauren Buccholz, has made AHS the recipient of a community project in her Honors English class at Crystal Lake Central High School. Lauren’s group (a total of 7 students) has collected donations for the shelter–everything from supplies to cash donations. They used the “Wish List” as shown on the website and placed letters and bags on doorsteps in neighborhoods in Crystal Lake and Lakewood. They then returned and collected the donations. Last night, Lauren said there were approximately 52 bags. They will be bringing the donations to the shelter sometime this weekend. We think it is so wonderful when young people embrace a cause  and make such an effort to do what they can. We recognize their effort and great sense of giving back to their community! We are so proud of them! We hope this encourages more young people to reach out and do whatever they can!





AHS is in need of stainless steel cages to enable us to rescue and save many more lives!

2 – 36″x30″ top

1 – 72″x36″ bottom

Including mobile platform

For more information on cages, please visit




AHS 2012 Form 990

**We unfortunately can not send out a thank you for donations under $100 so we can save that money for the animals under our care.

We will always send notification when you make a donation ‘in honor of’, ‘in memory of’, for birthday/memorial/wedding gifts no matter what the amount you donate.**

Thank you for visiting Animal House Shelter!